As a guest of our facility, you will be welcomed by an abundance of bright, natural light and a warm and welcoming reception area. Our high ceilings and open concept provide our dancers, families, instructors, and friends with a comfortable and uplifting environment.  Our dancers have access to 3 beautiful studios, each equipped with the best flooring and equipment.  The safety and well-being of our students is of critical importance to us and the floors on which dancers train plays a huge part in the prevention of injuries.

Our dedicated Student Lounge was designed with our dancers unique needs in mind.  With plenty of room to relax between rigorous classes, catch up with friends, stretch and warm up, connect to Wi-Fi and do homework or read a book the Lounge encourages relaxed downtime when needed and provides for a nice community space.  Equipped with a fridge, microwave, and water cooler which provides 99.9% purified ice cold and hot water, stretch and warm up tools, a dedicated phone, and other amenities, our goal is to provide our dancers with everything they may need during their demanding daily training regime to stay fueled up and ready to go.


studio rental

Ballet Russe BC’s state of the art facilities are available for rentals as and when the schedule permits. In addition to pilates, yoga, and dance classes, the school’s 3 spacious and bright studios are also ideal and available for commercial use (photo/video shoots, film, television, audition or fashion shoots).

Ballet Russe BC uses Harlequin Floors & Barres exclusively throughout our facility.