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Develop Ballet Life Skills 

Through conscientious and meticulous training, our mission is to inspire, educate, and prepare students for futures in dance and to instill upstanding habits that will last them a lifetime.



Based on the Vaganova training syllabus as issued by the Russian Ministry of Education. This training technique blends romantic components of the French style with the strength and beauty of the Italian technique. Created to capture the dancers’ entire body with precise articulation and beautiful lines, it was Vaganova’s belief that by engaging the entire body with equivalent attention paid to the upper body, épaulement, limbs, and feet, the dancer would achieve a heightened consciousness of movement and broaden their artistic range and abilities.

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Half Day Program

Students ages 13 years and up have the opportunity to train from 1:45pm onward either as for-credit WVS Academy students or as non-credit half-day students through West Vancouver’s Pursuit programme, North Vancouver’s Peak Performance, or various Home Schooling options. The difference is that while the latter options do not award high school equivalent credits, those who enroll as WVS Academy students earn their grade-equivalent Physical Education and Applied Skills course credits upon successful completion of the program. Further information on Academy enrollment and requirements can be found below.

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After School Program

Ideal for those ages 5 years and up, students have the option of enrolling in our after school programme at their appropriate level. For students enrolled in afternoon/evening classes who are 13 years and older, note that it may not be possible to participate in our full-time pre-professional programme as many of the classes are scheduled as half-day classes. A lighter training schedule, ideal for participants who are studying with us to compliment their other activities.

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Master Classes

We believe in providing our students with unique and incredible opportunities to study with local and international Master Instructors. Stay connected with us to learn about upcoming Master Classes which will continue to be offered through our programme!




Ballet Russe BC is absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with the West Vancouver Schools (WVS) as its exclusive Premier Ballet Academy. 

This program is ideal for students of Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary Schools to not only meet the demands of their rigorous ballet training, but also allow them to fulfill their high school academic requirements in a healthy and balanced way.

Accepted students will earn their grade-equivalent Physical Education and Applied Skills course credits upon successful completion of the program. The program’s intention is to provide the best possible training experience for all participants, with intensive classes taking place during the school day.


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