Ballet Russe BC is proudly partnered with the West Vancouver Schools (WVS) as its exclusive Premier Ballet Academy. Through this program, Ballet Russe BC students receive exceptional training in the Lower Mainland based on the Vaganova training syllabus as issued by the Russian Ministry of Education. This program is ideal for students of Rockridge, Sentinel or West Vancouver Secondary Schools to not only meet the demands of their rigorous ballet training, but also allow them to fulfill their high school academic requirements in a healthy and balanced way.

Students must audition for acceptance and those accepted will earn their grade-equivalent Physical Education and Applied Skills course credits upon successful completion of the program.  The program’s intention is to provide the best possible training experience for all participants, with intensive classes taking place during the school day.

The overall curriculum, some of which is covered during Academy hours, follow the principles and methodology of the Vaganova technique, and are completed through a full spectrum instruction of dance consisting of but not limited to classical ballet, pointe work, men’s training, repertoire, Pas de Deux (Partnering), contemporary, historical/character dance, rhythmic stretch and conditioning, acrobatics, music and history of dance, and healthy/balanced nutrition.

Our goals for those partaking in this program include the following:

  • That students receive a standard of classical ballet training consistent with the Vaganova syllabus which is an internationally recognized standard for ballet instruction which has produced some of the world’s most famous dancers including Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, George Balanchine, Polina Seminova, Evgenia Natalia Osipova, and Svetlana Zakharova.
  • That students will acquire solid knowledge of dance vocabulary (Ballet, Character, Flamenco, and Contemporary, and all related movements, steps, and positions.
  • That students will explore different genres of dance and identify the optimal fit for each student based on personal preference, ability, facility, and career aspirations.
  • To ensure that our students engage in choreographic projects as a means to explore their creativity and hone their leadership skills.
  • To educate our dancers in health and nutrition and to instill proper training habits to maximize results and minimize injuries.
  • That we always provide opportunities for self-expression and artistic development in a nurturing and respectful environment.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural exchanges and collaboration with world renowned coaches, master instructors, choreographers, and dancers.

For more information, please reach out to us or apply now!